Creating A Guest List For A Christening

Are you planning a christening and feeling overwhelmed by the task of creating a guest list? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this simple guide to creating a guest list for a christening, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. From close family members to cherished friends, we’ll help you strike the perfect balance and make sure your loved ones are there to share in the special moments.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to create a guest list that will make your christening memorable and meaningful.

The Significance of the Guest List

Honouring the Sacred Rite:

  • A christening is a sacred rite in which your child is welcomed into the faith community. The guest list should reflect the importance of this milestone and include those who hold a significant role in your child’s spiritual journey.

Celebrating with Loved Ones:

  • The guest list allows you to gather family and friends who have been or will be a part of your child’s life. It’s a chance to celebrate together and create lasting memories with those who matter most.

Creating a Meaningful Experience:

  • Each guest plays a role in shaping the atmosphere and experience of the christening. By carefully selecting who you invite, you can curate a supportive and loving environment that embraces the significance of the event.

Considerations for Intimacy:

  • Depending on your preferences and the size of the venue, you may choose to keep the guest list small and intimate. This allows for a more personal and meaningful experience, fostering deeper connections among your guests.

Balancing Tradition and Personal Connection:

  • When creating the guest list, it’s essential to strike a balance between inviting close family members and friends while also considering any cultural or religious traditions associated with the christening.

By understanding the significance of the guest list, you can curate a meaningful and joyous christening experience for everyone involved.

Immediate Family

It may sound obvious but add the names of all immediate family to the list, as you do need a tally of who is coming. You never know, you may miss someone important!

These are the individuals who have been there from the beginning, offering unconditional love, support, and guidance.

Grandparents and Great-Grandparents:

  • Grandparents hold a special place in a child’s life and are often eager to participate in their christening ceremony. Including grandparents and great-grandparents allows them to witness and celebrate this momentous occasion.

Siblings and Their Families:

  • If your child has siblings who are older and have their own families, consider including them as well. This allows for a more intimate and inclusive celebration, with the whole family gathered together.

Godparents and Their Families:

  • Don’t forget to include the godparents and their families. They have been chosen to play a special role in your child’s spiritual journey, and their presence adds a meaningful element to the christening ceremony.

Have a look at the Church Of England Website for some reading on Godparents.

Considerations for Step-Families and Blended Families:

  • If you have step-family or blended family dynamics, it’s important to consider including close family members who have a strong connection with your child. This may include step-parents, step-siblings, or other family members who are actively involved in your child’s life.

Remember, the close family members are the ones who share a deep bond with your child and have been a significant part of their life journey.

Both Grandparents Swing Their Grandchild By The Hand As They Walk Down A Secluded Country Lane.

Extended Family – Embracing the Wider Circle

Including extended family in your christening guest list can enhance the sense of connection and celebration. These relatives, such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and close family friends, have likely played a significant role in your child’s life and are eager to be part of this special occasion.

Here are some suggestions for identifying and inviting important relatives while considering space limitations:

Identify Close Relatives:

  • Begin by identifying close relatives who have a strong bond with your child. This may include aunts, uncles, and cousins who have been a source of support throughout the early years.

Reach Out to Family Friends:

  • There will be friends who have become like family over the years, extend an invitation to them as well. These individuals have built meaningful connections with your child and can add to the joy and warmth of the christening celebration.

Balance and Inclusivity:

  • Strive for a balance between including important extended family members and managing space constraints. Consider inviting representatives from each branch of the family to ensure inclusivity while keeping the guest list manageable.

By extending the celebration to include extended family members, you are embracing the wider circle of love and support surrounding your child. While space limitations may require some careful consideration, prioritizing important relatives ensures a meaningful and joyous christening experience for all.

Close Friends

Close friends hold a special place in our lives, and including them in your christening guest list can make the celebration even more memorable. These friends have witnessed your child’s growth or have been a source of support and love for your family.

Reflect on Support and Love:

  • Identify friends who have provided emotional support, offered a helping hand, or shared special moments with your child. These are the friends who have become an integral part of your child’s life, and their presence at the christening will add joy and warmth to the celebration.

Share the Excitement:

  • Reach out to your close friends and personally invite them to the christening. Share the excitement and let them know how much their presence means to your family. Provide them with the necessary details and express your gratitude for their friendship and support.

Include Special Roles:

  • Consider assigning special roles to close friends during the christening ceremony, such as being a godparent or a guardian. This not only honours their bond with your child but also deepens their involvement in the meaningful moments of your child’s life.

These friends have offered their love, support, and friendship, and including them in the celebration is a way to express your gratitude and create lasting memories together.

Best Friends

Including the Faithful Community

Inviting members of the religious community to share in your child’s christening is a wonderful way to involve the faith community in this significant milestone. These individuals hold a special place in your spiritual journey and can offer blessings, support, and guidance.

Recognize the Importance:

  • Explain the significance of the christening ceremony and how it represents the child’s initiation into the faith community. Emphasize the importance of having members of the religious community present to offer their blessings and support.

Consult with Clergy:

  • Reach out to your clergy or religious leaders and inform them about the upcoming christening. Seek their guidance on identifying individuals from the faith community who should be invited. They can provide insights on fellow parishioners who have been actively involved or have a close connection to your family history.

Fellow Parishioners:

  • Consider inviting fellow parishioners who have been part of your spiritual journey and have formed strong bonds within the faith community. These individuals may have been present during important milestones in your family’s life and can offer their love and support during the christening.

Interfaith Connections:

  • If you have connections to multiple religious communities or have close friends from different faiths, consider inviting them to the christening. This inclusivity can foster a sense of unity and highlight the beauty of interfaith connections.

Their presence and blessings will enrich the spiritual atmosphere and create a stronger sense of community as you celebrate this sacred milestone in your child’s life.

Children – Creating a Joyful Atmosphere

Including children in the guest list for your child’s christening adds an extra layer of joy and liveliness to the celebration. It ensures that the younger guests feel welcomed and engaged throughout the event. Here are some tips for inviting children and planning age-appropriate activities:

Friends’ Children:

  • Consider inviting the children of your close friends who share a special bond with your family. This not only allows the children to join in the celebration but also strengthens the friendships between families.

Cousins and Extended Family:

  • Include cousins and other relatives who are close in age to your child. They will not only enjoy being part of the celebration but also create lasting memories with their cousins.

By including children in the guest list and planning age-appropriate activities, you can create a festive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Children Playing at a Christening

General Reminders

Communicate Early:

  • Once you have identified the important extended family members to invite, make sure to communicate with them well in advance. This will allow them to mark the date on their calendars and make necessary arrangements to attend the christening.

Space Considerations:

  • Evaluate the available space at your chosen venue and ensure it can accommodate close friends along with immediate family and extended relatives. If space is limited, prioritize those friends who have a deeper connection or have known your child since birth.

Planning Age-Appropriate Activities:

  • Arrange activities and games that cater to different age groups. For younger children, set up a designated play area with age-appropriate toys and games. For older kids, plan interactive activities or crafts that they can participate in.


  • Arrange entertainment suitable for children, such as a magician, face painter, or balloon artist. This will keep them engaged and entertained throughout the celebration.

Creating a guest list for a christening is a thoughtful and meaningful task that involves considering the relationships, significance, and dynamics of those who will share in this special milestone.

Remember to prioritize immediate family, extend the invitation to close relatives and friends, involve the religious community, and create a joyful atmosphere for the children.

Balancing these elements will help you create a guest list that truly celebrates the joy, love, and unity of your child’s christening ceremony.

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